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We've put together this faq in order to answer some of the most popular questions we have received. We really appreciate your comments and suggestions and are taking them into account as we develop our products. Your opinion matters to us!

When will the Cardreader pro be available for sale? The CardReader Pro has a planned release of October 2008. If you have signed-up for notification, we will email you more details on the release schedule as the date approaches.

WHY won't it be available in grey/brushed aluminium finish? Perfectly matching the Mac Pro's brushed aluminum finish is difficult. For now, we will be offering the CardReader Pro in either glossy white or glossy black which match the colors and finish Apple uses for its computer peripherals.

How much will it cost? The cost of the CardReader Pro is still being finalised at this point. Our aim is to make it available at the most affordable price point possible so you should expect it to be in the same range as other premium card readers.

Will there be a firewire 800 version? Because of strong interest, we are investigating the possibility for release at a later date.

I would like to review / evaluate / RESELL your product. We really appreciate your interest. While we are not currently sending review or evaluation units, we will keep track of emails sent to and contact you when they are. Resellers, you may email us with your contact information at