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Technical Specifications Header
CardReader Pro
Apple™ MacPro and Apple PowerMac G5
Memory Card Support
CF Series: Compact Flash I (CF), CF I Picture, CF pro, Cf pro II, CF I Elite Pro, CF Ultra II, CF I HS, CF I Ultra II, CF I Extreme, CF I Extreme III, CF II, Micro Drive (MD), Smart Media (SM). XD Series: XD S type, XD M type, XD H type. MS Series: Memory Stick (MS), MS MG, MS Pro, Ms Pro Extreme, MS Pro MG, MS Duo, MS Duo MG, Ms Pro Duo, MS Pro Duo Ultra, Ms Pro Duo MG, Ms Pro Ultra II, MS ROM, MS Memory Select Function, MS Duo HS, MS Pro Extreme III, MS Pro HS, MS Pro Duo HS. MS Pro Duo HS MG, Micro MS, M2(Memory Stick Micro)*. SD Series: Secure Digital (SD), SD Pro, SD Elite Pro, SD Ultra, SD Ultra II, SD Extreme, SD Extreme III, SD HS 150X, SD HS 170X, Mini SD*, Micro SD*, SDHC. MMC Series: MultiMedia Card (MMC), MMC 4.0 Plus, RS MMC*, RS-MMC 4.0*, RS-MMC4.2*, RS MMC Mobile*, RS-MMC HS*, MMC Mobile*, MMC Plus 200X, Micro MMC*
High-Speed USB 2.0, shielded.
5V AC from Host PC (through USB)
Housing Type
Height: 1 inch (35cm), Width: 7 inches (41cm), Depth: 4 inches (20cm), Weight: 1 pound (0.5 g)


CE / FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B
The new CardReader Pro is the first card reader to integrate seamlessly with the Apple™ Mac Pro and PowerMac G5 chassis. Access 52 different memory cards and all four slots simultaneously through a single high-speed USB connection...all without the desktop clutter. New card readers now available for the iPhone, which will eliminate the need to pay for expensive GB storage on your phone.

sdhcFuture Proof. As higher capacity SD cards are developped you can be sure the CardReader Pro will support them. With SDHC (SD 2.0) support, the CardReader Pro will support capacities up to 2TB (2048 gigabytes).

EASY TO USE. The CardReader Pro installs in three easy steps. Top View of White CardReaderPlace the it under the upper or lower handle of your Apple MacPro or PowerMac G5 chassis, fasten the latch mechanism, connect the single high speed USB cable to an available rear USB slots and you’re ready to go. Insert your memory card into the CardReader Pro and it will appear as hard disk storage on your desktop. You can now start drag and dropping. That’s it.

. The CardReader Pro supports all the major memory card formats and many variations and revisions. That adds up to 52 different flavors of memory cards. Find the exact list under Technical Specifications.

. Don’t remember which of your memory cards holds the files you’re looking? Want to copy files from one card format to another? No problem. The CardReader Pro gives you the ability to access all four memory card slots simultaneously.

Organized. The CardReader Pro was custom designedSide View of White CardReader Pro for the Apple™ MacPro and the PowerMac G5. It fits elegantly into the upper or lower front handles using a tool-less mechanism to ensure a solid mount. All of the contact points between the CardReader Pro and the case are lined with a soft surface, ensuring a snug and scratch free installation.

USB 2.0Fast. Transfer a gigabyte of data in less than 20 seconds*. The CardReader Pro interfaces with your Apple™ Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 using a hi-speed USB 2.0 connector for transfer speeds up to 480 Mbit/s, the fastest USB specification available.